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What is and what is its purpose? is a travel information web site, owned by Choose Where Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales, and specialising in British, European and North American destinations.

It is run by a small team, who are enthusiastic about discovering heritage and culture, as well as enjoying the passing scenery. We like to find the interesting destinations and detailed information so often missing from the big travel agency web sites.

Why are we different?

  • Lesser-known Destinations - as well as the big "must-see" tourist magnets, we like to cover the smaller out-of-the-way places.
  • Wider Accommodation Choice - we work with a number of accommodation suppliers to make sure that you can find your ideal place to stay, whether it's a pub with rooms, bed and breakfast or five-star hotel.
  • Editor's Selections - in some destinations, there is a bewildering number of hotels, often with conflicting reviews. We offer you special selections by location or type of accommodation, where our editors have made a choice based on personal experience, popularity and/or consistently good reviews.
  • Special Interests - we are developing more content for those of you, who wish to pursue your specialist interest through travel


Please let us have your feedback and ideas.....

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