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Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke)


The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne is a covered wooden footbridge that crosses the River Reuss. It was built in 1333 to help defend the city and has more than 100 early 17th century paintings in its roof recording the history of the city.

Jet d'Eau


This impressive jet of water has become a major landmark in Geneva. Shooting straight up towards the sky, the rainbows formed by the water droplets are amazing.

Lake Geneva


There are dozens of boat trips available from the waterfront taking visitors to lovely villages and towns surrounding the lake. Between settlements, the views of fabulous.



One of the most spectacular mountains in Europe, every time you see it, it looks just like the picture postcards.



The social heart of the city, this public square is named for the bear, the animal that serves as Bern's symbol.

Basel Munster


The Munster is a major landmark in Basel with its red sandstone architecture and coloured roof tiles, its two slim towers and the cross-shaped intersection of the main roof.

Bear Pits (Barengraben)


Brown bears have been associated with Bern since the Middle Ages and had been kept in a bear pit since the sixteenth century. In 2009 a Bear Park was created next to the pits giving the bears a great natural habitat.

Bern Cathedral


Located in the center of the Old Town, this 15th-century cathedral sports a towering 328-foot-tall spire that dominates the city skyline.

Castello di Montebello


This fascinating fortification which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site now contain a historical and archaeological museum.

Castle of Oberhofen


Picturesque Oberhofen Castle is situated on the shores of Lake Thun. A branch of Berne's Historical Museum, it now houses an important exhibition on Bernese furniture and home decor of various epochs.
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