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Route 66 Sightseeing & Attractions Guide

historic sites and roadside attractions along Route 66

Route 66 State by State

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Route 66 - Editors' Choice

our editors' choice of the top attractions on Route 66

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Mid Point Cafe


Flo's V8 Cafe in Cars movie
popular Route 66 cafe - halfway between Chicago and Los Angeles

Ambler's Texaco Gas Station


restored gas station now used as visitor center
on historic Route 66 - operated by Basil "Tubby" Ambler from 1938 to 1966 - typical cottage look of early 20th century gas stations - closed 1999 - now restored to 1930s/1940s condition

Belvidere Café, Motel & Gas Station


Downey Building


Illinois State Police Office


Art Moderne former police office

Lou Mitchell's


historic and popular restaurant
built in 1949 and largely unchanged - original neon sign - family-owned and run - busy and crowded restaurant - famous for its "donut holes"

Meramec River Bridge


Route 66 Mid Point Milepost


popular Route 66 photo backdrop
sign marking Route 66 mid point - 1139 miles from both Chicago and Los Angeles

Sprague's Super Service


66 Super Service Station


partially restored gas station
Spanish mission style gas station - built 1932

Afton Station


restored 1930s D-X Gas Station
car museum - route 66 and Buffalo Ranch memorabilia - shop

Ariston Cafe


The first Ariston cafe opened in 1924, and then reopened in the current location on historic Rt 66 in 1935. It has been owned by the same family throughout and is believed to be the oldest operating restaurant on Rt 66. It has original booths, table and backbar and serves 2500 meals a week.

Beer Nuts Factory Outlet


Ever wonder what's behind the success of America's Favorite Nuts? It's a story that begins with a lot of the attention to freshness, quality and detail that started way back in 1937. That's when Arlo Shirk and his father Edward G. Shirk purchased a small confectionery store in downtown Bloomington, Illinois and with it, the recipe for a special glazed peanut.

Chain of Rocks Bridge


Cozy Dog Drive-In


The Cozy Dog Drive In in Springfield, Illinois is the home of the one and only “Cozy Dog.” The Cozy Dog is a delicious hot dog on a stick that is found nation-wide at many county and state fairs. Launched in 1946, the Cozy Dog has become a Route 66 landmark and was home to the famous Route 66 artist, Bob Waldmire.

Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket


"get your chicks on Route 66"
The Chicken Basket, as it is today, opened in the summer of 1946 on Historic Illinois Route 66. Because of the amount of traffic and distance from Chicago, the Chicken Basket was the perfect stopping place going to or coming from Chicago.

Dixie Travel Plaza


Built in 1928, the Dixie Truckers Home was one of the first truck stops in the nation. It never closed except for one day, when it burned down in a massive fire in 1965. Even then, the Dixie reopened quickly, using one of the cabins to continue serving food as the facility was rebuilt. Having been owned by the same family from 1928 until 2001, this Route 66 landmark now been renamed Dixie Travel Plaza.

Funks Grove Maple Sirup


In 1824 a man named Isaac Funk was the pioneer founder of Funks Grove when he chose to homestead this location for its water supply, fertile soil, and timber. The fact that the timber was primarily maple was a bonus for Funk, as he and his sons began to make maple sirup and maple sugar for their personal use. When Route 66 came through about this time, the Maple Sirup business boomed and hardly could the sirup be made for the season when it was already sold out.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch


Henry's Rabbit Ranch celebrates Route 66 and the people along the highway with its emporium of highway and trucking memorabilia that includes a collection of Campbell's "humpin' to please" trailers next to a replica of a vintage gas station. Henry's Rabbit Ranch Station and Visitor's Center looks like a real old classic filling station once found all along Route 66.

Joliet Historical Museum


Walk through a life-size replica depicting the building of the historic Illinois & Michigan Canal. Stroll down a turn-of-the-century street past store fronts showcasing fashions of yesteryear. Browse through a hardware store. Take a virtual ride on a replica trolley. Live the myth of Route 66, the true Main Street of America.
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