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Saint Joseph Village


recreation of early 20th century village
just 10kms from Calais - open air museum - eclectic collections of tools and artefacts - two thirds size windmills, shops and garage - museum shop - cafe - open daily April to October with limited opening in other months



These great monastic buildings were initially constructed in the 16th Century by Nicolas du Bois. There is a stunning façade to the building as well as a superb underground chamber inside with stone vaulting.



The 6 ha archaeological park with its life-size reconstitution, located in the natural zone of the Parc du Héron, relates the habitat evolution in the North of France, from the Neolithic to the late Middle Ages.

Basilica of the Holy Blood


Featuring two chapels - the ground floor St Basil's Chapel dating from the 1100s and the ‘upstairs' one housing the Relic of the Holy Blood. Includes a museum, whose centrepiece is the bejewelled gold and silver Shrine of the Holy Blood

Basilique Notre-Dame


Built from 1827 to 1866 on the site of the old cathedral, it has been wonderfully preserved and inside stands a powerful Corinthian colonnade that supports the upper part of the building.

Belfry and Market Halls


These 13th century medieval buildings from which the bells toll were once an indoor market place.

Bleak House


Visit the room where Charles Dickens wrote "David Copperfield", & planned several other novels. This was his holiday home, & it now also contains a maritime museum with displays of major wrecks & recoveries from the channel.



The Belfry tower is no less than 83 metres high! On your way to the top you will discover the old treasury room, an impressive clock mechanism and a carillon with 47 bells. After 366 steps, your athletic efforts will be rewarded with a breath-taking view of Bruges and its surrounding countryside.

Calais Theatre


Built in 1903 and inaugurated in 1905 this theatre stands on the former Brochot plain which was occupied by a cemetery between 1811 and 1871. The first floor of the facade is decorated with statues symbolising the four arts: Poetry, Comedy, Dance and Music.

Cathédral Notre-Dame


The most beautiful religious building in the region. Dates from 1200 and is a stunning place to visit. Blends a mixture of English style blind arcades into a typically French style historic structure.
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