CaenDespite the destruction to the city during World War II, today Caen with its abbeys and castles, is a busy commercial centre with interesting heritage and attractions. There is a diverse, yet interesting range of attractions - from varied and large shopping areas to the famous D-Day museum. As an important French city, the city's port offers several cross channel ferry services.

Caen Highlights

  • The Abbeys - visit the two stunning landmark abbeys of Caen
  • Le Memorial - the regions famous museum with details and exhibits on the areas military past
  • D-Day Museum & Château-de-Caen - museum dedicated to events of the Normandy invasion and a stunning historic castle offering fantastic views
  • Elegant shopping - both in the elegant boulevards and in the new high tech mall
  • Eglise St-Pierre - a beautiful church built in the 13th-14th centuries and reconstructed after the war

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