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Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke)


The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne is a covered wooden footbridge that crosses the River Reuss. It was built in 1333 to help defend the city and has more than 100 early 17th century paintings in its roof recording the history of the city.



One of the most spectacular mountains in Europe, every time you see it, it looks just like the picture postcards.

Spanish Riding School

Vienna 1

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the only institution in the world which has practiced for over 430 years and continues to cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the haute école.

State Opera House

Vienna 1

Guides inside this historic Opera House will take you round and explain some of the history, the myths and the legends behind this famous Opera House

Austrian National Library

Vienna 1

Housed in a superb Baroque building, the Austrian National Library which holds documents dating back to the 14th century, is one of the world's leading librarys.



The social heart of the city, this public square is named for the bear, the animal that serves as Bern's symbol.

Basel Munster


The Munster is a major landmark in Basel with its red sandstone architecture and coloured roof tiles, its two slim towers and the cross-shaped intersection of the main roof.

Bear Pits (Barengraben)


Brown bears have been associated with Bern since the Middle Ages and had been kept in a bear pit since the sixteenth century. In 2009 a Bear Park was created next to the pits giving the bears a great natural habitat.

Bern Cathedral


Located in the center of the Old Town, this 15th-century cathedral sports a towering 328-foot-tall spire that dominates the city skyline.

Castello di Montebello


This fascinating fortification which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site now contain a historical and archaeological museum.

Castle of Oberhofen


Picturesque Oberhofen Castle is situated on the shores of Lake Thun. A branch of Berne's Historical Museum, it now houses an important exhibition on Bernese furniture and home decor of various epochs.

Castle of Thun


This magical castle now houses the local History Museum containing many interesting artefacts and objects that have made Switzerland famous including watches and clockwork toys.

Chateau de Chillon


Beautiful castle on the edge of Lake Geneva. It evokes childhood fairy tales of knights and ladies, dragons and damsels. The castle is huge, so leave ample time to explore all its rooms.

Church of the Augustinians

Vienna 1

This triple-naved Church of the Augustinians has been the scene of many great weddings including the marriage of Napoleon I to the Archduchess Marie Louise in 1810.

Einstein Museum (Einsteinhaus)


Once the apartment of Albert Einstein, it was here where the great scientist developed the theory of relativity in the first decade of the 20th century. The world renowned physical lived in this house, which is now a modest museum commemorating his childhood.

Giant Ferris Wheel

Vienna 2

You may want to visit this landmark of Vienna in the footsteps of the immortal movie 'The Third Man' or simply enjoy the view of the city from almost 200 feet up.

Hochosterwitz Castle (Burg Hochosterwitz)


Considered to be one of Austria's most impressive medieval castles. It is situated on a 160 metres (520 ft) Dolomite rock. Still privately owned, several of the rooms are open to the public.

Imperial Palace (Hofburg)


Originally constructed in 1453, the Hofburg was remodeled in 1755 under Maria Teresia. Installation of the Baroque south wing , remodeling of the facade and grand staircase followed. The interior with largely intact original Rococo furnishings is a reminder of Innsbruck's Hapsburg past.

Kapruner Tal


The beautiful Kesselstrasse along the right bank of the Kapruner Ache, passes the works village and the large Kaprun-Hauptstufe power station, which harnesses the water power of the extensive glacier areas of the Hohe Tauern.



A visit to the town of Kufstein, is like traveling back to the Middle Ages. This fortressed town is near the majestic Kaiser mountains. It boasts a well-preserved medieval center, innumerable recreational activities, and a large selection of marked hiking trails.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Vienna 1

This museum contains not only one of the finest collections of art, but also many priceless objects created for the Habsburg emporers.



This cathedral, the city main cathedral ans monumental facades, all laboriously worked, great coloured windows inside and is located in the Domplatz. Don't miss the Lapis-lazuli sculpture in the Square.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise


The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the highest sightseeing point in Europe and accessible by cableway!

Mirabell Palace and Gardens


his former palace now houses government offices. The gardens are where the von Trapp children sang "Do-Re-Mi" in the Sound of Music.

Mozart Residence (Mozart Wohnhaus)


Allow a couple of hours at least to make the most of this well-designed museum tracing the life and times of Mozart and his family.

Mozart's Birthplace (Mozart Gerburtshaus)


The birthplace of the famous composer displays numerous musical artifacts from his early childhood.

Neuchatel Castle


The castle once housed the lords of Neuchatel and was the seat of authority. Nowadays it is the seat of cantonal government and the law courts.

Rhine Falls


The Rhine Falls in Switzerland are a series of three falls, the Zürcher, Schaffhauser, and Mühle falls. It is the largest waterfall in western Europe coming in at 25 meters tall and 150 meters wide.

Salzburg Fortress (Festung Hohensalzburg)


Prince Archbishop Eberhard (1060 to 1088) built the first castle on the Festungsberg in 1077 and was little more than a bailey with a wooden wall, serving mostly for the protection of Imperial troops of the Holy Roman Empire.

Salzburg Old Town


The Old City is photographically rich with everything from panoramas to closeups. Dusk is particularly beautiful as the sun goes down behind the Alps and the lights come on.

Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna 13

magnificent Habsburg palace and gardens
This magnificent palace is just outside Vienna but well worth a visit. A sumptuous interior is enhanced by wonderful gardens, one of the oldest zoo's in the world and a fabulous palm house.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds (Swarovski Kristallwelten)


Enter the amazing world of Swarovski Crystal and find a glittering display of fantastic artefacts and don't miss the shop!

Swiss National Museum


Swiss art, history, and religion are chronicled in this sprawling Victorian building that is full of wonderful surprises.

Swiss Open-Air Museum


Covering acres of ground, this marvellous museum brings to life traditional lifestyles of communities from all around Switzerland. Ancient arts and crafts are being revived and demonstrated.

Viennese Museum of Chocolate

Vienna 23

The First Viennese Museum of Chocolate, created by the Heindl Company, offers a glimpse at how these delicacies are produced and information about the progress from a cocoa bean to a sweet delight. Tastings included.

Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere)

Vienna 3

Former residence of the Prince of Savoy consists of two palaces: one houses the Museum of Medieval Austrian Art and the Museum of Austrian Baroque; and a second contains the Austrian Gallery.

Vienna Prater

Vienna 2

From nostalgic rides to cutting-edge roller coasters, this attractions has something for everyone. If Amusement Parks aren't for you, head for Green Prater, an area of shady paths and quiet lawns.

Aarau Stadtmuseum


This fascinating museum traces the history of the city and features an eclectic range of interesting artefacts and information.

Aargau Art Museum


This inspiring museum features exciting video films highlighting the interaction and areas of conflict between nature and man in Aargau.

Abbey of Sassovivo


Built by the Benedictine around the year 1000, the Abbey is located 565 metres above sea level and at its peak contained 97 monasteries, 41 churches and seven hospitals. Abbot's walk, a footpath located near the site, runs through an ancient ilex wood, one of the oldest in the region.



The former House of Commons has 29 floors and is 114 metres high - it is thus Bonn's highest building. The Bonn people still call it Langer Eugen after the then President of Parliament Eugen Gerstenmeier.

Accademia Carrara


As of 2006, it possesses 1,800 paintings dating from the 15th to the 19th century, and by artists including Pisanello, Botticelli, Bellini, Carpaccio, Mantegna, Raffaello, Moroni, Baschenis, Fra Galgario, Tiepolo, Canaletto, and Piccio.

Accademia Gallery


The Gallery is particularly famous for its sculptures by Michelangelo: the Prisoners, the St.Matthew and, especially, the statue of David which was transferred here, to the specially designed tribune, from Piazza della Signoria in 1873.

Achensee Steam Cog Railway


Built over 117 years ago, this remarkable railway is a memento of the great steam railway age. Its steam locomotives are among the oldest ones still operating in the world, and among the few used for commercial purposes.

Acquario di Genova


Huge tanks form virtual walls of water among which visitors can wander accompanied by the sound of waves, currents and echoes from the deep. Some tanks reproduce natural environments from the Antarctic, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Amazon and the Indian Ocean.



This popular summer resort on the hill between Lake Thun and the Kander valley has a lovely Protestant church, dating in part from the 12th century with 14th century frescoes in the choir.

Aiguilles Rouges


Five lakes to admire, four cols to pass and one all valley to run.... facing the Mont Blanc!!! One of the most beautiful trails in all Europe but not for the faint hearted

Akademie der bildenden Künste

Vienna 1

Concentrates on the classic Flemish, Dutch and German painters and includes Hieronymus Bosch, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Rubens, Titian, Guardi, and Cranach the Elder. It still operates as an art school and is famous for rejecting Adolf Hitler twice.


Vienna 1

An impressive building, worth seeing in its own right, houses travelling exhibitions and an impressive collection of Impressionist paintings.

Alf an der Mosel Bullay


Alf on the left bank and Bullay on the right bank (bridge and ferry) are the gateway to the region in the middle Mosel valley.
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